Hitachi Magic Wand Massager


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Hitachi Magic Wand Massager Review.

 "Toe Curling Fun" 2002-09-01
By A. Evans (Connecticut USA)

Wow. I've had one of these for years, and it is by far the best "toy" I own. Both my husband and I use it for stimulation. I think it's important to remember that this is an external vibrator. Sticking it in your "foxhole" is not recommended unless you are into things the diameter of a tennis ball (and I can't be judgmental about that, it's just not for me). Rubbing it on external genitals is the ticket, or buying an attachment that is smaller for internal stimulation.

But while it's really great in the bedroom, it's also phenomenal on sore muscles. Nothing relaxes my aching feet more than a run with this massager. It's even good for cramps during menstruation, just put it on your lower belly and lay back. Lower back pain, upper back pain, cramped shoulder muscles, neck pain, hip pain, this thing does it all. Plus the head is removable, and most importantly, washable.

All in all, a great massager. Clothed or unclothed.

 "awsome machine" 2007-01-02
By Tyson J. Syverson

This was a gift for my wife. she wanted to use it for some sore muscles, but I gave it to her to pleasure herself. what a great gift. This tool has lots of power and it is capable of working sore muscles and pleasure. I highly recomend this over any wireless machine, beacause it has more power and it never runs out of energy. I finally got to use this for what I intended it to be used as and she must of had two or three orgasms in a matter of seconds, wow what a supprise. get this magic wand fast, your wife or girl friend will appreciate it very much.!!

 "If you have bad sinuses..." 2007-04-02
By SFHandyman (San Francisco)

How I ended up buying one of these:

I had a very bad flu. I'd been sick for a week, when I developed a horrible sinus headache. I guess the cold/flu medicine had caused my sinuses to block. I was throwing up any pain medications, so I couldn't do anything for it. It was so painful, I started hitting my head on the wall - surprisingly, that felt good. It was about 2am though and I don't think my neighbors would have appreciated me doing that all night.

So I tried to think of something else, I jumped in the shower and turned the shower massage on pulse and put it on my face. It felt wonderful. I stood there for about 30 minutes and again, I thought, 'I can't stand here all night' and I realized I really needed a vibrator.

It was 3am, I looked horrible, my hair was wet but I quickly got dressed and drove over to the all night sex emporium. I walked in looking horrible, and said "where are the vibrators, I need a vibrator."

The clerk pointed to the rack in the back of the store. I looked at the toys and didn't think they had the power that I needed, then I saw the wand. I bought it and hurried back home. I immediately plugged it in and put it on my painful sinuses. It was amazing. I hold it firmly over each side of my nose and it will cause any sinus blockage to release, then I hold it firmly on the bridge of my nose with a kleenex ready, and it will make me sneeze, which blows out the offending material. Then it's back to my cheeks again, I repeat until there is no longer a blockage. Even if I can't get my sinuses to open, it still feels wonderful when you have any kind of headache but it's the sinus relief I love. I can also relieve sinus pain without medication, that makes me sleepy or edgy or dries them out so bad my nose hurts.

I couldn't remember why Amazon would know I had this, then I remembered that I bought one for a friend who had cancer. He had been mostly confined to bed and his shoulders and neck were cramping up so bad that he couldn't lift his head or drop his shoulders when he had to stand up. I knew this thing had the power to work out those kinks, so I jumped on Amazon and had them send him one (he was in a different city). I got an email a couple of days later and it just said "I got it. THANK YOU". The next time we spoke he thanked me over and over. It worked the kinks out of his neck and shoulders and for someone who had just felt pain for such a long time, it was wonderful to have some relief. He got better by the way so it's a really happy story.

I have used it a little bit for other forms of stimulation, but really this is my magic sinus fixer. If you have a friend with allergies, headaches or frequent sinus infections this is a great gift. Even when I have a cold, it can force a sneeze and relieve any nasal blockage. I don't know if it would do the same thing for anyone else. I've never heard of anyone recommending the technique. This stays plugged in and under my bed - ready to go to work when I have a headache. I'm sure if anyone saw it, they'd assume it was there for another reason, but it's job is a pain reliever for me. It works great on any sore muscles also.

 "My savior..." 2008-03-18
By Emily (Portland, OR)

I was a 22-year-old who had NEVER had an orgasm before, even though God knows I had tried. I read some reviews of the magic wand and decided to give it a try. This machine has changed my life. I use it alone & with my boyfriend, I can reach orgasm in under 5 minutes, and I just feel like a much healthier and more relaxed person! Seriously, buy this vibrator. I'd tried the rabbit and other more gimmicky devices with no luck but nothing compares to the magic wand.

 "Freedom from batteries and great orgasms!" 2004-10-02
By JLo

It's true. This really is the Cadillac of vibrators! However having used 4 inch to max 10 inch vibrators this wand was a bit of a suprise when it arrived. It is about 15 inches long and runs on electricity. There are 2 speed settings - High and Low. Most people I was told never use the High as low is stimulating enough for them. The head is made of a spongy white material which is about 3.5 inches in diameter and vibrates at a very high speed. This is definitely not one of those vibrators you can insert into your vagina and I am not even sure if that would be safe as it runs on electricity. Most people use it held against their pubic area, sometimes even with a towel if the vibrations are too intense. I did not need the towel though and since the material is spongy it has not harmed my skin. The attachments give this vibrator another dimension as you can actually insert them into your vagina. So much better to be able to pinpoint your pleasure zones!

If you consider the cost of batteries, even rechargeables this is a nice vibrator to own as it dosen't need any. Portability can be a problem though as it is too big and not very discreet. Using in the shower is also out if you don't want to risk electrocution. However the shape is not like a regular vibrator and it can actually be used as a massager too. So even if found/handled by someone else who is unaware you can get away by telling them it is your massager! It is not a very quiet vibrator (although almost no vibrator is quiet especially when there is lubricant involved.) and the cord is not very long so you need to have an outlet close to your bedside or an extension cord.

This is my favorite vibrator especially with the G Spot attachment but I find it hard to carry when travelling.

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